I started my adventure with the Soft Condensed Matter Group in July 2018. That is when I came for student internships at the institute. My first project was to study the diffusion of modified nanoparticles into the cell. I am currently in the last year of my Master’s degree at the Warsaw University of Technology. At the institute I have several projects, including research on the crowding effect on oligonucleotides hybridization and catalytic effect of charged tracks and surfactants on oppositely charged substrates. In my free time, I explore the secrets of the Universe and go to the gym.

e-mail: adam97kowalski@gmail.com

education: Warsaw University of Technology

ince 2017 he’s been studying Chemistry Technology at Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry. His first contact with the team was a summer internship under Karina Kwapiszewska in 2019. He joined the team in 2020 for an engineering thesis under Robert Hołyst and Karna Kwapiszewska. He conducts research on rotations of fluorescent nanoparticles.
Asia graduated from the Faculty of Physics at Warsaw University with a specialization in Molecular biophysics (Bachelor’s degree). Currently, she is a master’s student in the same field of studies. Her bachelor’s thesis related to the analysis of internalization of the anticancer drug into living cells using FCS and she conducted research under the supervision of Karina Kwapiszewska and Aneta Karpińska. Her areas of scientific interest are cancer treatment and drug development. In her free time, Asia enjoys cooking, traveling, and snowboarding during the winter.
I am studying at the Warsaw University of Technology. I am an engineer of chemical technology and on my way to achieving a master’s degree. The speciality I chose during my master’s studies is Analytics and Physicochemistry of Processes and Materials. I am a member of the Soft Condensed Matter Group, where I am currently working on the project regarding crowding effect on olgionucleotides hybrydization.

e-mail: klaudia.lutyk@gmail.com

education: Warsaw University of Technology

I joined the group of prof. dr hab. Hołyst at the beginning of October. I gained my bachelor’s degree on February 2020 at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology. Actually, in my Master’s degree, I am proceeding with my previous research on biodegradable, biocompatible polymers (eg polyesters of glycerol) which can be used as scaffolds in Tissue Engineering. I am also interested in 3D reactive inkjet printing. I would like to receive knowledge and experience, which I will be able to use to understand a lifecycle of a cell better.

e-mail: krzysiek.kolankowski@gmail.com

education: Warsaw University of Technology

A 2nd-year Chemistry student at the University of Oxford. His main academic interests include organometallic chemistry and crystallography. He shares his passion and knowledge while being a mentor in a non-profit organisation – Our Future Foundation, where he supports people to equalise educational opportunities and helps with the application process to universities in the UK.
I study molecular biophysics at the University of Warsaw. I completed my first internship in Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences and I started working there. I work with Karolina Kuharska under supervision of Robert Hołyst. In my free time I like playing saxophone and piano, and I love skiing during winter.

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