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Researchers from the research group of Jacek Jemielity (University of Warsaw) synthesized nucleic acids conjugates capable to target external mRNA into cells. The paper "Cellular delivery of dinucleotides by conjugation with small molecules: targeting translation initiation for anticancer applications" was accepted for publication in Chemical Sciences.
Our commercial initiative SERSitive won distinction in the category Modern Science Solutions of the Polish Product of the Future competition. Moreover, it won the Special Award of the Ministry of Education and Science. Congratulations!


We are one of the scientific groups from IPC PAS in Warsaw, Poland. Our main goal is to understand and expand knowledge about soft and living matter in vivo and in vitro conditions. We are focus on the transport phenomena in complex liquid, quantitative biophysical chemistry & non-equilibrium processes.

Our Group involves specialists from different science fields, including physicists, biologists, chemists, engineers, and biotechnologists. We are enthusiasts of interdisciplinary projects because we believe that the most interesting things happen in places where two or three fields merge. We are not afraid to think big because the sky is the limit.

We simulated the Brownian diffusion and reaction-diffusion processes to study molecular rebinding’s influence on the reaction rates of bimolecular reactions. We found that the number of rebindings, Nreb , is proportional to the target’s size and inversely proportional to the diffusion coefficient D and simulation time-step ∆t.
Using nanosized metal substrates, surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is a tool for improving the Raman signal of biomolecules. For detection, SERS has gained much popularity and an important role in determining chemical composition.
Targeting cap-dependent translation initiation is one of experimental approaches that could lead to the development of novel anti-cancer therapies. Synthetic dinucleoside 5’, 5’-triphosphates cap analogs are potent antagonists of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) in vitro and could counteract elevated levels of eIF4E in cancer cells;
Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is a spectroscopic technique for trace analysis where the efficiency depends on the substrate. In the present work, concentration-dependent SERS of pioglitazone (EPMT) in silver and silver-gold substrates are reported.
Hydrophobicity is one of the most critical factors governing the adsorption of molecules and objects, such as virions, on surfaces. Even moderate change of wetting angle of plastic surfaces causes a drastic decrease ranging from 2 to 5 logs of the viruses (e.g., T4 phage) in the suspension due to adsorption on polymer vials' walls. The effect varies immensely in seemingly identical containers but purchased from different vendors.
Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) is a major component of airborne fine particulate matter (PM2.5) that contributes to adverse human health effects upon inhalation. Atmospheric ozonolysis of α-pinene, an abundantly emitted monoterpene from terrestrial vegetation, leads to significant global SOA formation; however, its impact on pulmonary pathophysiology remains uncertain.